Change Shows And Animations Controlling Each Point Of Light

ILMEX Illumination by Ximenez Group presented the latest technology in the field of festive lighting in an impressive light tunnel over 40 meters long. No doubt we are facing another Wow! effect project, which caught the eyes of thousands of visitors. A project whose inauguration went viral on social networks, registering on Facebook more than 245,000 views in a matter of hours: https://www.facebook.com/XimenezGroup/videos/1527994030623897/

Iluminacion navideña Christmas Lights festival tunnel

With this new lighting technology presented by ILMEX Illumination and Ximenez Group in this spectacular interactive project, the surprise in the viewer is guaranteed at any time thanks to the ease of changing any show or visual animation.

Watch the following video:

Tunel de luz digital para festivales de luz

Walkable lighting tunnel for Christmas

Without a doubt, this is one of the novelties that will mark the future of festive lighting during the coming years and where ILMEX Illumination by Ximenez Group once again leads the sector thanks to constant innovation.

ILMEX Illumination by Ximenez Group Tunnel of light Christmas lights

Festive lighting goes viral on social networks thanks to an amazing digital tunnel

Digital lighting tunnel for lighting festivals

Iluminaciones Ximenez ILMEX Puente Genil tunel de luz digital

Watch more interactive and digital projects in the following video:

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