380 Luminous Flowers Creating An Artificial Ceiling Of Flourishing Plants

ILMEX Illumination by Ximenez Group lighted up the three streets (calle del Arenal, del Carmen and Preciados) with 380 luminous flower motives that are suspended in an apparently random order creating an artificial ceiling of flourishing plants that softly change their colours while the spectator progresses along the street.

















Street del Arenal, del Carmen and Preciados, where the light installation is located form roughly a circle in the old centre of Madrid connecting the Opera house with Puerta del Sol and plaza de Callao. Each of the four different types of motives combines light rope, light bulbs and cordon, is 3,20m high weighing less than 6kg.

Design: Ben Busche / brutdeluxe.com
Fabricated by: ILMEX Illumination
Description text by the designer