A Nightly Music Show Sync-Up With «All I Want for Christmas is You»

ILMEX Illumination by Ximenez Group developed a new awesome project based on a giant Christmas ball of 12 meters in diameter and 14 meters in height which was lit up by no fewer than 30.000 LED points of light.

Giant Christmas Ball ILMEX XIMENEZ Illumination

The giant ball was developed with two huge entrances where people could walk along enjoying the experience of feeling inside of a Christmas ball.

PUENTE GENIL - 37_3 (1)DJI_0034

ILMEX Illumination by Ximenez Group designed an audiovisual show synchronizing the lighting installed in the ball to the rhythm of the music.

ILMEX Illumination - Giant Christmas BallILMEX Illumination - Giant Christmas BallILMEX Illumination - Giant Christmas Ball

The song chosen was the Christmas song performed by American singer and songwriter Mariah Carey «All I Want for Christmas Is You«.

ILMEX Illumination also produced a combination of decorative motifs playing with the giant Christmas ball design and creating an authentic Christmas style atmostphera in the whole city. All decoration was created focusing on a new concept: ‘decorate during the day’.

decorate during the day by ILMEX ILLUMINATION XIMENEZ GROUP

Giant Christmas Ball ILMEX XIMENEZ Illumination

ILMEX Illumination - Giant Christmas Ball
Giant Christmas ball without decoration

The Giant Christmas Ball resulted in a huge spectacle on display in the main square of Puente Genil that generated much interest and curiosity and created obvious pleasure.