ILMEX Festive Illumination & Christmas Lighting

ILMEX Illumination
plays with the newest components and bleeding-edge materials to make amazing and magical Christmas and festive lighting effects on the decorative motifs.

ILMEX Lighting components

ILMEX Illumination continues to surprise with spectacular professional new products every year around the world.

With the latest ILMEX LED products and technology backed by the infrastructure human resources and experience of over 80 years, any client’s idea or concept can be developed into a magic and unique Festive Illumination or Christmas lighting project.

ILMEX 2D 3D decorative lighting

Immerse into the broad product range of ILMEX Illumination, one of Europe’s leading suppliers of festive Christmas lighting. 2D exquisitely handcrafted motifs that create conceptual festive lighting atmospheres which shimmer both day and night.