ILMEX Illumination Provides 337.000 Light Bulbs To The Famous Seville Fair 2017

sevilla fair 2017The April Fair is one of the most international and popular wordlwide festivals and once again, ILMEX Illumination by @XimenezGroup inaugurated the 275,000 square meters of the Real de la Feria de Abril in Seville with more than 337,000 light bulbs.

GRA568. SEVILLA. 29/04/2017.- El tradicional "Alumbrao" del ferial abre esta medianoche otra edición de la Feria de Abril de Sevilla, que este año comienza oficialmente en fin de semana. Curro, la mascota de la Expo 92, fue el encargado de encender las 25.000 bombillas de la portada del ferial. EFE/Raúl Caro

No one who visited the Seville Fair could avoid the Gateway, called the “Portada” in Spanish. The huge structures (made by Ximenez Group) gracing the entrance to all the big fairs are an important part of the Fería decoration (considered, in fact, to be works of art). The fair officially began when the mayor very ceremoniously turned on the lights – starting with the 25,000 bulbs that cover the Gateway. From there, the rest of the fairgrounds lighted up, section by section in a wave that has become a tradition that makes newspaper headlines every year.

feria de sevilla

In just over 48 hours, hotel occupancy reached 95%, compared to 87% last year.  According to the delegate of tourism, the turnover has also increased in line with the rest of the figures and the increase in the volume of business is between 25 and 30% more. The number of passengers in urban public transport (bus and metro) has increased by 40% compared to the previous year, reaching the figure of 106,912 travelers. The entrepreneurs have transferred their total satisfaction. Visitors are leaving on average 50% more per day than last year.

A few figures that show how when the festival is tradition, the festive lighting becomes «results».