ILMEX Illumination – Decorative & Festive Christmas Lighting- LATIN AMERICA

ILMEX IlluminationLatin America (America Latina) is the mother land for ILMEX Illumination because of its origins and common language with Spain (where is located the ILMEX´s headquarter).

ILMEX Illumination offers to its Latin clients in Latin America the closest commercial relationship. From Argentina (Buenos Aires), Bolivia (La Paz, Sucre), Brazil (Brasilia), Colombia (Bogotá), Ecuador (Quito), Guyana (Georgetown), Paraguay (Asunción), Peru (Lima), Suriname (Paramaribo), Uruguay (Montevideo) to Venezuela (Caracas), Chile (Santiago de Chile), Costa Rica (San José), Cuba (La Habana), El Salvador (El Salvador), Guatemala (Ciudad de Guatemala), Haiti (Puerto Príncipe), Honduras (Tegucigalpa), México (México D.F.), Nicaragua (Managua), Panama (Panamá), Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo).

ILMEX Iluminacion MEXICOILMEX IluminacionAt ILMEX Illumination – Ilméx Iluminación – what we do is take an idea or concept and transform it into a unique, spectacular lighting project.

We handle every stage of the project: from initial planning to supply or hire. Working with our subsidiary we can also undertake the installation itself. Assuring that the project is faithful to the original idea.

ILMEX Illumination plays an important role in the decoration of the towns (municipios), Christmas (Navidad), Fiestas Patrias, Shopping Centres (Centros Comerciales), Carnavales, Power Centers and any special festival.

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