A Digital Show Tree Full Of Music And Magic Surprised To El Salvador

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An amazing show-tree gathers more than 100,000 people at Divino Salvador del Mundo Square to witness one of the most anticipated event of the time by children, youth and adults.

El Salvador arbol de navidad en america central

ILMEX Illumination filled the sky in El Salvador, Central America with colors, music and magic on the night of Saturday, November 25 with the opening of the largest Christmas tree in the country.

Vista aerea arbol de navidad en El SALVADOR

A digitized tree with 4 rings in golden color that in total weighs 5,100 pounds and each ring represents an LED screen. These 4 rings have more than 20,000 LED pixels. The tree has more than 40 thousand Led lights, includes 24 Flash garlands of 36 meters long, in addition to 5,000 E14 bulbs. The height of the tree is 35 meters twice as high as the monument El Salvador del Mundo.

arbol de navidad digital en latino americaCentral AMERICA christmas treeShow audiovisual LED PIXEL en America Central

The audiovisual show has four music tracks that have been created by a musical band in Europe developed by ILMEX Illumination.


Inauguración arbol de navidad más grande de Centro americaThe largest central america treeMiles de personas en evento navideño para ver el arbol de navidad

Estructura arbol de navidad con anillos

The structure of the tree weighs more than 11 tons and is designed to withstand winds of more than 200 km per hour, it can even withstand an earthquake of 9 degrees on the Richter scale.

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