A Tailor-Made Project For The Centenary Of Gran Vía

The emblematic Gran Vía celebrated the centenary of its start of construction, and ILMEX Illumination by Ximenez Group produced two light installations for the event (included in the Madrid Christmas lighting programme): a construction – tree (Christmas tress) on Red de San Luis Square close to the Telefónica building and 217 light modules on 31 banners along the Gran Vía.



Both installations commence from the same starting point: To create an atmosphere of a metropolitan night by artificial light and evoke again the fascination of the passed époque for this first XX century axis of commerce and leisure with its skyscrapers, cinemas and theatres and unique night life in the capital at that moment.


Installations realized with LED light bulbs with very little energy consumption. The construction of the skyscraper, with a total height of 18 meters and realized in a metallic structure, polycarbonate plates and lighting, consumes just 900 W/h. The approximately 80.000 light points in different colours of the light installation on Gran Vía sum up to a total consumption of only 7000 W/h.

Design: Ben Busche /
Fabricated by: ILMEX Illumination
Description text by the designer