An International Recognition Granted By The Andalusian Government Of Spain

Ximenez Group gets one of the great treasures of Andalusia: the gold medal awarded by the Board. The president of the Parliament of Andalusia, Juan Pablo Durán, was in charge of delivering the medal to the representative and heir of a business family that illuminates the world.

Ximenez Group recibe la medalla de Andalucia

The trajectory of Ximenez Group has been recognized as one of the five most important companies in the world in artistic and decorative lighting. National leader in decorative and artistic lighting, the works of Ximenez Group can be enjoyed in cities such as New York, London, Munich, Oslo, Tokyo, Hong Kong or Las Vegas.

Iluminaciones Ximenez Medal of Andalusia

Iluminaciones Ximenez (parent company of Ximenez Group) was born in Puente Genil (Córdoba) in 1940, when Francisco Jiménez Carmona decided to open an appliance store and illuminate the sign of his establishment with a star of light. Today, 78 years later, employs 500 professionals, invoices over 40 million euros per year and has more than 95,000 square meters of facilities at the forefront of the sector internationally.

The firm started in the 40s, today it is present in more than 40 countries.

Furgoneta con la que comenzó Iluminaciones Ximenez en los años 40

Francisco Jimenez recoge la medalla de andalucia 2018

Medal of Andalusia Ximenez
Francisco Ximenez presidente de Ximenez Group recoge la medalla de Andalucia

Speech by the president of Ximenez Group after receiving the Andalusia medal:

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