A Christmas Tree Of 35 Meters

ILMEX Illumination by Ximenez Group made the traditional Xmas tree at Puerta del Sol. A 35m high, conic shaped metal construction.


The interior is accessible to public. The current City government wanted to regain an institutional design (instead of a design paid and realised by a sponsor) for an element that due to its location and significance defines the whole Christmas lighting programme of the City, and commissioned us with the design.

Given the artificial character of the tree, the design is the result of a digitalized interpretation of an image of a traditional pine tree. The computer programme that was applied (and conveniently manipulated) interprets the different textures and colours of the image of a traditional tree as topographic lines. These are visualised according to the “height” of each line with a degree of colours and a total of 42 000 LED light bulbs.



Design: Ben Busche /
Fabricated by: ILMEX Illumination
Description text by the designer