A key component of Ilméx’s policy is that 100% of our lighting motifs are made in Spain. This is a crucial and relevant factor in a number of ways in order to obtain a high- quality product that is made by us, for us.

In terms of quality, manufacturing in Spain means that materials and processes in the production chain can be controlled scrupulously, with quick response times should any issues or unforeseen circumstances arise, so that they can be solved without compromising the delivery deadlines agreed with our clients.

In terms of social policy, Ilméx creates jobs in Spain, so the company’s progress and growth is reflected in the progress and growth of the local area, region and by extension the country as a whole. As an example, we have created more than 100 direct jobs in manufacturing alone.

In terms of economic policy, besides the employment-related aspects mentioned, the centralising of our stores, production and showroom in Spain means outsourcing services and other related activities (catering, property, consumables) also entirely within Spain.

Thus, at Ilméx, thanks to an active team characterised by their experience and professionalism, we can achieve unique results, further enhanced by our commitment to using the very latest industrial machinery:

High-volume laser cutting and digital printing systems, robot-controlled folding and bending systems, machinery for using new materials in the lighting sector. All with the associated new software for operating this machinery.

In short, our product Made in Spain allows us all to grow.