Daytime decoration and nighttime illumination

One of Ilmex’s most spectacular, eye-catching and globally recognized Christmas lighting projects has undoubtedly been The Christmas Forest, which adorned Malaga’s main shopping street, Larios street, from 2019 until Christmas 2021. It was a visual spectacle of colors, shapes and light, creating a unique atmosphere and experiences.

This grand structure was a completely custom-made project for Malaga and elements were added to it year after year to enhance its spectacular nature. Twenty gothic arch-shaped trees, each standing at 13 meters tall, had lights that synchronized with music thanks to pixel technology and DMX.

The Christmas Forest, with its spectacular design and use of innovative elements, created a play of lights and shadows during the day, making it a significant visual attraction even when not illuminated. Thousands of people had the opportunity to enjoy this marvelous structure and its lightshows during the three years it was installed at the andalusian city.

One of our most spectacular projects

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