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Ximenez Group reaches its farthest point on the planet and will illuminate New Zealand

4 January 2024

Ximenez Group continues to add new countries to its historical list of international locations where they have carried out decorative lighting projects. This Christmas, the company will be responsible for illuminating the main streets of the New Zealand city of Motueka. As a result, the company from Puente Genil has reached the antipodes, the farthest point on the planet where they have worked to date.

Over 20,000 lights bearing the Ximenez Group seal will travel around the globe for installation and illumination in New Zealand. A score of large LED motifs have been specially designed and manufactured for this international location at the company’s facilities in their home region, Puente Genil.

For Ximenez Group, “one of the best and most positive surprises we received this year in the International Trade department was a call from a customer in New Zealand interested in our lighting products,” said Mariano Ximénez, CEO of the group. “It was a great honor that they recognized projects carried out by our company internationally across all five continents and that they wanted to decorate one of the main streets in the city of Motueka from our antipodes,” Ximénez added. He also acknowledged that “for us, the challenge posed in terms of design, production, and logistics for this project has been a resounding success, proving that there are no limits to our future business opportunities around the world.”

With over 75 years of history, Ximenez Group has undertaken projects in more than 50 countries around the world, present on all five continents. Their most iconic projects include those in New York, Berlin, Brussels, Mexico City, London, Madrid, Dubai, and Qatar, among others. The addition of New Zealand this year marks the farthest point reached by the company from Puente Genil.

Similarly, this year, Ximenez Group will also strengthen its presence in the Qatari capital with a customized lighting project for the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, near one of Doha’s main football stadiums. The flags of various national teams from around the world will shine brightly on one of Ximenez’s most ambitious projects, the Crystal Trees, which were first introduced in Qatar in 2021.