Paradise tree

Collaboration with
Sergio Sebastian

Christmas in Zaragoza once again shone in 2019 with the light of Ilmex and a stunning design by the city’s native architect, Sergio Sebastian, in the form of an impressive Christmas tree known as the Paradise Tree. Comprising innovative and contemporary geometry, this project was created to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Santiago Ramon y Cajal’s admission to the classrooms of the University of Zaragoza’s medical school. Ramon y Cajal was a significants scientist and the Nobel Prize laureate in Medicine in 1906.

Life and light

As a result, a series of vitals impulses traverse the tree, powered by a core at the apex, and nourishing the different nodes along the cone that beat to their own rhythm. The Paradise Tree represents both life and light. The tree’s geometry and patterns draw inspiration from Cajal’s marvelous drawings of the nervous system and the electrical nerve impulse though neurons.

A homage to Santiago Ramon y Cajal

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Light points


light points


22 metres high




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