Ilmex by Ximenez Group arrives in Ireland with a spectacular lighting project

2 February 2024

Project made by Ilmex for Saint Brigid celebration in Dundal

The project has been designed and manufactured for the celebration of Saint Brigid, called ‘The Northern Lights – Brigid 1500 Series’

Ilmex by Ximenez Group, the world’s leading decorative lighting company, renowned for its Christmas illuminations, makes its mark on a new point of the map with one of its most important lighting projects of the year, ‘The Northern Lights – Brigid 1500 Series’. The spanish brand arrives in the Irish city of Dundalk with a lighting project never seen before in Ireland and developed exclusively for this country.

On January 31, ‘The Northern Lights – Brigid 1500 Series’ was inaugurated, a spectacular decorative lighting installation in honor of the celebration of Saint Brigid. In the heart of Dundalk’s city center, Ilmex has had eight majestic pointed arches, each 12 meters high. As a novelty, this large lighting installation also has showcased various motifs designed with the Ecogreenlux product, depicting typical Irish festive motifs and the figure of the saint, adding extra spectacularity, decoration, innovation, and sustainability to the structure and the celebration itself. Ecogreenlux is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly lighting product of the world, developed and patented exclusively by Ilmex.

This structure has been designed and manufactured exclusively for the city of Dundalk, with the assembly starting last January and the inauguration taking place on January 31, attended by thousands of spectators witnessing the lighting and the projection of its first light show. The commercial manager of the city center, Martin McElligott, describes the installation as “an exhibition that connects the past with the present, illuminating its legacy and transcending its history towards the future,” adding that “a large-scale project was needed to celebrate Saint Brigid as a beacon of light in the world.”

The celebration concluded today, where three sound shows could be enjoyed each night. A light show never seen before in Ireland, described by the celebration organizers as “a fusion that will take the viewer on a majestic journey through the ages,” adding that “it has been a pleasure to work alongside Ilmex by Ximenez Group, with over 75 years of experience and being the world’s leading company in decorative and artistic lighting in this industry,” concludes Martin McElligott.


Present in more than 50 countries

With over 75 years of history and based in Spain, Ximenez Group has developed projects in 50 countries worldwide, being present on all five continents. Among its most emblematic projects are those carried out in New York, Berlin, Madrid, Malaga, Vigo, Barcelona, Brussels, Dubai, Bogota, Perth, Malabo, Mexico City, Denver, Milan, Oslo, or London, among others.

This lighting project in Dundalk adds to the important list of international cities where Ilmex and its parent company Ximenez Group have a presence, marking one of the company’s most significant milestones this year, beyond the Christmas lighting campaign. Thus, the company continues its expansion across the planet, advancing in sustainability and innovation and undertaking increasingly large and non-seasonal projects beyond the festive Christmas period.