Ilmex by Ximenez Group reaffirms its commitment to the environment on World Energy Efficiency Day

5 March 2024

Ilmex by Ximenez Group manufacturing Ecogreenlux

Ilmex, a subsidiary of Ximenez Group, has been strongly committed to the environment and sustainability since its inception

This commitment is maintained across all companies within the group, as well as its parent company, Ximenez Group, leading to significant milestones in sustainability and environmental respect over its more than 75 years of history. As a result, it is the leading company in the lighting sector and a benchmark for sustainability and green innovation, thanks to its constant pursuit of new technologies and products with a positive environmental impact.

Therefore, today, on March 5th, World Energy Efficiency Day, Ilmex by Ximenez Group reaffirms its commitment to the environment, being the leading lighting company globally, with a presence on all five continents and one of the five most important lighting factories worldwide.

One of the main milestones of the parent company, of which Ilmex is a factory and international distributor, was in 2007 when it began a process of transforming all its incandescent lighting to LED technology, thus saving 90% of energy in its facilities and avoiding the emission of 5,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. This transformation led to the recognition of Ximenez Group as one of the 101 business examples at the Climate Summit in Madrid in 2019.

Thanks to its R&D department, Ilmex and Ximenez Group continue to research and advance in sustainability, using new materials and lighting products that significantly reduce the consumption of their facilities. This work resulted in the development in 2022 of Ecogreenlux, the most sustainable lighting in the world, developed and patented exclusively by Ximenez Group and unique in the market.

Ecogreenlux manages to reduce light pollution by 93% thanks to its light concentration capacity. A feature that makes it the most efficient decorative lighting product, as it also reduces energy consumption by 60% more than a traditional motif, also made with LED technology. Its innovative development and its ability to adapt to any design make it a visually attractive decorative element during the day, as well as illuminating at night, thus offering the possibility of decorating any space 24 hours a day without the need for energy consumption.

But the most sustainable side of Ximenez Group and its subsidiaries is not only evident in the manufacturing of products and increasingly environmentally friendly large projects but also in the internal policies followed by the entire company and its various branches, where awareness of responsible use of energy resources is one of the fundamental pillars within its Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

Thanks to this promotion of responsible use, as well as the promotion of the efficiency of all its resources, Ilmex, together with Ximenez Group, positions itself as a benchmark in sustainability and innovation.


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